Metro Discounts & Service Improvements

Metro Discounts & Service Improvements Start Sept 5
Starting Sept 5 Metro will add more buses and trains and offer discounts to encourage riders to return to Metro. News Release
● $2 transfer discount between bus and rail (must use SmarTrip card)
● $2 for all one-way trips all weekend (includes free transfers)
● $12 7-Day Regional Bus Pass (20% discount)
● 1AM closing (was midnight) on Fri & Sat
● 7AM opening (was 8AM) on Sun
● More frequent rail service all day

Bus Stop Relocations at Ballston Metro

Bus Stop Relocations at Ballston Metro Starting August 1
Starting on Sun, Aug 1, ART and Metrobus service at the Ballston Metro station will be relocated. Bus stops along Stuart and Stafford will move to the newly opened stops on Fairfax and to temporary stops on the west side of Stuart. Details

Lee Hwy to Get HOV/Bus Only Lane

Lee Hwy to Get HOV/Bus Only Lane
The County Board voted for a bus-only lane on parts of Route 29 in Rosslyn. This part is so congested that buses are unable to operate reliably during rush hours. The grant will cover pavement treatment, restriping, and signage.
● In the morning the lane will run eastbound from Veitch to Lynn.
● In the evening the lane will run westbound from Oak to Veitch.
● At other times the lane will be a regular travel lane.
Arlington’s highly-efficient DES said the project could take 2 years to implement.
Story at ARLnow

Metro Service Extended to 12AM Sun Jul 18

Metro Service Extended to Midnight Sun Jul 18
Metro will expand train service to midnight, 7 days a week, starting Sun, July 18. In Sept service on Fri & Sat nights is expected to start running until 1 AM. Other expected improvements will reduce weekend fares to a flat $2 per trip, increase train frequency, and start Sun service an hour earlier, at 7 AM. News Release

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan
County representatives encountered over 100 angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. Despite it all, we want to thank Paul Holland, Chairman of the Plan Lee Highway Community Forum and Leon Vignes of Arlington County Planning Staff for patiently facing our 2-1/2 hour pummeling.

Intro & Slide Presentation by Paul Holland (20:00)

Initial Questions by LVCA President, John Carten (14:40)
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Please Complain About Lee Hwy Plan

Please Complain About the Lee Hwy Plan
County representatives encountered 100* angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. This, along with other proposals on the south, east, and west would drastically change the character of the little sliver of LV that remained.
  It is extremely important that LV residents, who want to preserve their homes and their neighborhood, contact County officials to signal their opposition. Below there is a sample letter and information about who to contact. Many other problems with the study were voiced by LV residents during the meeting. The the meeting recording is worth a listen or a re-listen (the recording will be posted very soon).Click to Continue Reading…

June 6: 55 Bus Nash & Lee Stop Moved

55 Bus Nash & Lee Stop Moved June 6
The ART 55 bus runs along Lee Hwy between the East Falls Church & Rosslyn Metro stations. In the eastbound direction the stop located at Lee & Nash in Rosslyn will be relocated to Lee & Moore starting Sun, June 6. The relocated bus stop will serve ART, Metrobus and Omniride. The Rosslyn slug line will be relocated to 1777 N Kent, near 19th St. The stop relocation is expected to last 2 years during the redevelopment of the Holiday Inn. ART announcement

Blue Line is Back

Blue Line is Back Sun, May 23
Addison Road and Arlington Cemetery stations reopen on Sun, May 23, after 3 months of “reconstruction.” This will reopen Metro’s Blue Line south of Rosslyn permitting a quicker trip from Arlington to Pentagon, Crystal City, National Airport, King Street, and points south. This completes reconstruction of all 12 stations in Virginia — hooray!.
  On May 29 Metro will close parts of the Green and Yellow line in Maryland to accommodate reconstruction of 4 stations. The closure will extend through Sept 6. News Release

Metro Phasing Out Older SmarTrip Cards

Metro Phasing Out Older SmarTrip Cards
Metro is installing new faregates starting in June that won’t be compatible with the oldest plastic SmarTrip cards. The best way to tell if you need to replace your card is to check the serial number on the back. All newer SmarTrip cards start with the serial number “0167,” others will need to be replaced.
Click to enlarge image Instructions for Card Replacement

More Cuts Threatened By Metro

More Cuts Threatened By Metro
WMATA’s proposed budget threatens to close up to 22 MetroRail stations, including Clarendon, Virginia Square, Arlington Cemetery and East Falls Church. Metro also proposes to cut train schedules to just 2 trains per hour all day long and shut down daily at 9PM. Bus service would be halved with many lines consolidated or eliminated. The 38B, which runs through Clarendon, would be eliminated. Metro Proposal

VA & MD Senators Offer WMATA $350M With Strings Attached
The Metro Safety, Accountability and Investment Act of 2021 introduced by US Senators Warner, Kaine, Cardin and Van Hollen would reauthorize for the next 10 years $150 million per year of Federal funds and $50 million in matching funds each from VA, MD, & DC.

The bill would also authorize an additional $50 million per year contingent on a series of safety, oversight, and governance reforms.
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Metro Clamps Down for Inauguration

Metro Clamps Down for Inauguration
Metro will close 13 stations: 11 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. Stations will remain closed until Friday morning. Trains will pass through the closed stations without stopping. Beginning Friday and continuing for 6 days trains will operate on a Saturday schedule: every 15 minutes, except every 12 minutes on the Red Line.
On Jan 16 (Sat) Metro Center & Gallery Place will also close.
  Buses on 26 routes will detour around the security perimeter from Fri to Thur. Buses will operate normal service on weekdays and weekends, except on Jan 20 buses will operate on a Saturday schedule. News Release

More Speed Cameras Proposed

More Speed Cameras Proposed
Arlington wants to deploys speed cameras and to lower speed limits in residential and business districts below 25 miles per hour. Board member Dorsey said “Automated ticket enforcement has the potential to improve safety… and further advance equitable outcomes by reducing or eliminating race-based disparities in speed enforcement.” ARLnow

Dec 13 Rosslyn Hotel to be Imploded Sunday

Rosslyn Hotel to be Imploded Sunday
Where to avoid: Rosslyn Holiday Inn, 1900 N Fort Myer Drive
When: Sunday, Dec 13 at 8AM

Exclusion Zone (all colored streets are closed)
Adjoining roads and sidewalks will be temporarily closed: I-66, Lee Hwy, N Fort Myer Dr, N Moore St, etc. Roosevelt Bridge traffic will be diverted to the GW Parkway & Route 50. Bus routes 4B, 5A & 38B will detour and 5A will not stop at Rosslyn Station all day. The Gateway Dog Park will remain closed after the implosion for cleanup; estimated to reopen Tue, Dec 15. Citizens are advised to avoid being in front of windows at the time of the implosion. The implosion can be viewed live on Facebook Live. County News Release Map of Exclusion Zone & Closed Streets

Clarendon & Va Square Metro Stations May Close

Clarendon & Va Square Metro Stations May Close
Due to a projected $500 million shortfall in its $1,945 million budget, Metro is proposing to close 19 MetroRail stations, eliminate all weekend rail service, run only 2 MetroRail trains per hour on each line during rush hour, shut MetroRail at 9PM, and eliminate half of its MetroBus routes. The 38B bus line, the only bus route WMATA operates in LV, is among those proposed for elimination. WMATA employees would be reduced by 3,800. These cutbacks would begin July 1, 2020. Some citizens are wondering if it is worth $1,445 million per year to fund the meager service that would remain. Some are troubled by the economic impact on the region of diminished transit.
Story at WaPo
WMATA 2022 Proposed Budget
WMATA 2020 Financial Report

All 91 Metro Stations Now Open

All 91 Metro Stations Now Open
Vienna & Dunn Loring stations have reopened. Parking continues to be limited for several additional months at the 4 Orange Line stations west of Ballston: Vienna, Dunn Loring, West Falls Church & East Falls Church. News Release
● Face coverings required (but not enforced) on trains, buses & in stations
● Silver Line beyond Wiehle-Reston East (Phase 2) is expected to open in 2021.

Metro Returning to (Almost) Regular Schedule

Metro Returning to (Almost) Regular Schedule
On Sunday (Aug 16) Metro trains resume normal schedules: rush hours every 8 minutes on all lines; off-peak 15 minutes except 12 minutes on the Red Line. Regular opening times (5AM weekdays, 7AM Sat, 8AM Sun). Closing at 11PM, still much earlier than “normal.” Vienna, Dunn Loring, East Falls Church, and Arlington Cemetery stations remain closed.

On Sunday (Aug 23) bus service will resume on routes that have not had service in months. Increased service on almost every line. Buses will run from 4AM to midnight daily. Only Metrobus route 38B on Wilson & Clarendon Blvds serves LV.

Masks and social distancing will be encouraged, but not enforced. Metro notes that “social distancing may not be possible on every train and bus”.
WMATA News Release

Plan to Rename Lee Highway

Plan to Rename Lee Highway
The Lee Highway Alliance (LHA) will develop a Working Group of stakeholders including the LHA Community Advisory Committee, civic associations, property owners, and business owners in the corridor. The Working Group will meet over the summer and into the fall, at which time a shortlist of names will be sent to the County Board. Arlington must reach consensus on the name with adjacent jurisdictions. News Release

VA AG Sues Advanced Towing Company

VA AG Sues Advanced Towing Company
Attorney General Mark Herring filed suit against Advanced Towing, alleging the company breaks state and county towing provisions and is “frequently predatory, aggressive, overreaching and illegal.” Herring seeks restitution for consumers and a bar on future violations of the law. NBC4 Washington
LV’s Community House has a towing contract with Advanced Towing.

ART Bus Rides Now Free

ART Bus Rides Now Free
● Arlington Transit bus riders to enter/exit buses using rear doors only
● Customers who require the wheelchair ramp can enter through the front
● Fare collection is suspended
● Routes operate Mon-Fri on Saturday schedule: 41, 42, 45, 51, 55, 77, 87
● Other routes continue to be suspended
ART News Release

Arlington Transit Shuts Down Most Routes

Arlington Transit Shuts Down Most Routes
Seven Routes, including four near Lyon Village, will continue to operate on Saturday schedules.
ART 41: Along Columbia Pike
ART 42: Ballston to Pentagon
ART 45: Columbia Pike to Rosslyn
ART 51: Ballston to Virginia Hospital Center
ART 55: East Falls Church to Lee Highway and Rosslyn
ART 77: Shirlington to Lyon Park and Courthouse
ART 87: Pentagon to Army Navy Drive and Shirlington

ART 42 & 87: Terminates at the Pentagon instead of Pentagon City
ART 45: Starts 1 hour early at 6:30 am
ART 43: Runs every 20 minutes from 6AM-11PM following its weekday route
● Real-time schedule information will not be available for most bus lines.
● STAR service, serving elderly or disabled residents, will continue operating.
ART Announcement